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  • Three_Ashling
  • 21-04-2017
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Weekly Tech News: Google Earth, Facebook Spaces and More

by 3 Community Manager on ‎21-04-2017 03:30 PM - last edited on ‎09-05-2017 12:37 PM by 3 Community Manager (708 Views)

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In the world of tech, a lot can happen in seven days. This week we look at Google Earth, Facebook's VR app, HTC and more. 


New Google Earth


Google Earth has allowed us to see the world around us from above since 2005 and this week, Google have launched a brand new, revamped version. The company has called it “Everything you love about Google Earth, plus new ways for you to explore, learn and share”.

The free service will now have a feature called Voyager, a series of interactive guided tours around the world led by scientists and non-profits. Once you’ve landed on a place of interest, new Knowledge Cards will offer history, facts and more pictures of that location. A new 3D button allows users to see any place from any angle. This new edition of Google Earth is available on Chrome and Android, with plans to release it on iOS in the near future.


Facebook introduces VR app


Facebook are the latest tech company to offer virtual reality (VR) – introducing ‘Facebook Spaces’ this week. Spaces is a new VR app where you can hang out with your friends virtually, in an interactive environment. The app will allow you to create a virtual identity based on your Facebook photos – simply choose a Facebook photo and the app will offer VR options, which you can customise as necessary.

Once you’ve invited your friends to the VR conversation, you can chat, draw pictures, share videos, relive memories and even take group selfies. Facebook Spaces has just launched in beta on the Oculus store. As Spaces is still in Beta, it’s hard to tell if Facebook will make their Social VR app available for Samsung’s Gear VR but considering the Gear VR has similar functionality as the Oculus, it’s very likely. This would be an awesome experience when combined with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 series. You can find out more about Spaces here.


HTC Tease New Phone

HTC looks set to launch a brand new smartphone very soon – at least that’s what the 5-second teaser above seems to be telling us! HTC released this clip during the week, and we’re really excited to see what features the phone will have.

The official announcement will be on 16th May – stay tuned to the Week in Tech for updates or keep an eye on You can view our current HTC smartphones in our shop


Netflix Inches Closer to 100 Million Subscribers


Popular streaming service Netflix is getting closer to reaching 100 million subscribers globally. Since Netflix first came onto the scene in 2007, it has drastically changed the way we watch TV shows and films, allowing easier access than ever before. CNN has reported that the company is on target to reach 100 million subscribers by the end of this weekend, with over half of those subscribers located in the US.

Don’t forget you can stream as many TV shows, films and music as you like with Three’s All You Can Eat Data! Check out our range of plans here.


Instagram soon to work offline


Instagram are currently working on a way for Instagram to work offline on Android. Mashable has reported that the announcement was made by Facebook during their developer conference this week, called ‘Building Offline Experiences for Instagram’.

At the moment most of Instagram’s features are dependent on an internet availability, but this looks set to change in the near future. If you’re looking to avoid working offline, check out our All You Can Eat data plans here.

In other Instagram news, the company announced they have introduced a new way to organise your saved posts. Find out more here.


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