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  • Three_Steve
  • 23-08-2016
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Top 10 Virtual Reality Apps for Android

by on ‎23-08-2016 11:21 AM - last edited on ‎29-11-2016 10:47 AM by (1,419 Views)

Top 10 VR apps.png






If you’ve recently got your hands on a VR set and are looking for some cool VR apps to download then you’re in the right place.


All the below VR apps will work for most VR visor headsets, from Google Cardboard to the highest end Oculus versions. You may need to check the app description on the Play Store to make sure your phone is compatible.


Don’t forget to comment below with any cool VR apps you’d recommend downloading!





Definitely one of our favourite VR apps. It includes some amazingly immersive landscapes, graphics and videos as a backdrop to some real thought provoking storytelling. The app quality is very high so the app’s videos will also fill up some memory space on your phone. If you’re new to VR, this is a great place to start.

Get it here on the Google Play Store






Arte is a popular European arts TV channel. The app offers an immersive and entertaining experience of cultural and geographic locations in 360 video. It can be experienced in VR or as a 360 video, though we recommend using your VR visor for this one as the scenes are so captivating and immersive!

Get it here on the Google Play Store



Full Dive

full dive.jpeg


Full Dive is a VR directory of all things virtual. Sometimes popping your phone in and out of a visor to open and activate different VR apps can be a pain. With Full Dive you can control most VR apps and activities while keeping the visor on. The app has mixed reviews online around the tilt controls but we found it responsive and a very handy app to have.

Get it here on the Google Play Store



War of the Worlds VR

war of the worlds.png


War of Worlds VR takes you through war poems taken from the Battle of Somme in 1916. The power behind the famous poetry and the clever imagery makes for a greatly informative and entertaining VR experience. Absolutely a must for VR owners.

Get it here on the Google Play Store





Since Cardboard VR was released, Google are looking to add VR capabilities to all their eligible apps, and YouTube is definitely one you should try on VR – why not, you have it already! There are already a growing selection of cool 360 VR videos uploaded, and many more cool VR features on the way. Watch this space.

Get it here on the Google Play Store






New York Times VR app gives you breathtaking short documentaries and news features. This app really shows the power of VR as everyday entertainment and NYT update it with a news story every 4-5 weeks.

Get it here on the Google Play Store



Street View

Street view.jpg


Similar to YouTube, Google updated their Street view app to work with VR. Want to check out that holiday location you’re planning on visiting? Why not have a look around the area in VR? Now that’s a new level VR lifehack!

Get it here on the Google Play Store



Jaunt VR



Jaunt VR provides you with high quality VR experiences. All videos are free and they update their library often. VR experiences include LIVE music performances or promotional videos for new movies or cultural events. Definitely worth a download.

Get it here on the Google Play Store





glitcher app.png


This app is an awesome example of how VR and your phone’s camera can work together to change your surroundings. Looking through the lens you’ll see the actual room you’re in at the time and change the look and feel with selective colouring and filtering. This type of approach to VR is destined to become more and more popular so it’s definitely worth experiencing it first through Glitcher.

Get it here on the Google Play Store




Titans Of Space

titans of space.png


Titans of Space gives you a guided tour around the solar system. The tour takes you on a scaled down version of outer space as you sit in a futuristic vessel of sorts. The tour is very immersive and long and full of facts and optional narration so it makes for a great learning experience. 

Get it here on the Google Play Store 


If you have yet to explore the amazing world of VR, check out our reviews of the HTC Vive and the new Samsung Gear VR. And for a limited time only, if you order a Galaxy Note 7 you get the new Gear VR absolutely FREE!


Click 'Like' if you're thinking of getting into VR, and comment below if you have app suggestions to add to this list!



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