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  • 12-12-2019
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Tip of the week: Surviving Christmas Shopping

by 3 Community Manager ‎12-12-2019 04:07 PM - edited ‎28-02-2020 10:42 AM (257 Views)

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Do you live for the hustle and bustle, Christmas songs everywhere, twinkling lights and the thrill of finding that perfect present? Does the thought of Christmas shopping make you sweat uncontrollably, dreading the shopping crowds, the pushing, the traffic, and finding a parking space? Maybe you’re an in-betweener?


With all of you in mind, the 3Community Mods have put together tips on Surviving Christmas Shopping with some do’s and don’ts. If you have any of your own, please add them in the comments below 👇



✅ Call Santa to double-check he has received the kids’ letters and remember, he doesn’t have the franchise on XBOX, PS or Apple.

✅ Set a realistic spend limit and stick to it.

✅ Make a list that includes your nearest and dearest and stick to it.

✅ Make use of late-night shopping by checking opening hours for local shops and shopping centres. Here are ours 👉 click here .

✅ Carpool or take public transport, not only will it help cut down on traffic but Santa needs clear skies to navigate.

✅ Shop in one location in one day and have a few breaks to enjoy a coffee and/or lunch.

✅ Take advantage of 3Plus discounts (20% off 3accessories, 15% off Elvery’s in-store and online. Up to 28% off Eason’s online and 10% off Converse) and check out local offers too. Download our 3Plus app today 👉 Google Play Store and the App Store.

✅ Ordering online can save you time and effort, and check delivery times. At Three, we recommend that your Christmas order is done before 3 pm on Friday 20th Dec.

✅ Check the shop’s return policy and keep your receipts.

✅ Where possible get the gift wrapped in the shop or opt for a Christmas bag for less wrapping.

✅ Keep your last payday before Christmas to yourself for a well-deserved treat.

✅ Donate old toys and gadgets to charity. For info on 3Recycle click here. 




❎ Leave the important stuff for Christmas Eve

❎ Overspend, overbuy or overthink gifts

❎ Go crazy on the kids (Santa sometimes can’t build specific toys)

❎ Buy extra ham or turkey even Brussels sprouts for the infamous “just in case” or “Shur, it’s Christmas".

❎ Take your credit card on your shopping day. To avoid interest rates stick with debit cards, 3Money card or cash. 

❎ Be afraid to ask your nearest and dearest what they want as a present, ask for 3 items for their wish list. Then pick one, it will still be a surprise.

❎ Give perfumes, cologne (especially Old Spice), cosmetics or other such items unless you know the other person’s taste regarding these.

❎ Don’t need to go shopping then don’t go.


Christmas time can be stressful; hopefully, these tips will help cut down on that. Remember that a thoughtful gift is often more appreciated than an expensive one. Is it too soon to talk about the January sales? 😉




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