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  • Three_Ashling
  • 04-12-2017
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Tip of the Week: Phone Charging Myths Debunked

by 3 Community Manager ‎04-12-2017 04:40 PM - edited ‎04-12-2017 04:46 PM (744 Views)

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Tip of the Week: Phone Charging Myths Debunked


This week, we take a look at the most common phone charging myths. There’s a lot of questionable advice doing the rounds, so we thought we’d debunk three of the most common myths about charging your phone.





Myth 1: Don’t charge your phone overnight

You may have heard that leaving your phone charging overnight is really bad for it, but experts disagree. Most smartphone batteries these days are manufactured so that they stop charging once the battery is full. Therefore, you can charge your phone overnight without worrying about overcharging and damaging your phone’s battery.


Myth 2: Let your phone die before charging it

A popular myth we’ve heard many times is that you should let your phone’s battery drain completely before charging it again. This is actually not advisable: lithium-ion batteries are different to other, older battery types and will not be improved by this method of charging. In fact, some experts say this charging method can actually be bad for your phone -so feel free to charge your phone whenever necessary.


Myth 3: It’s fine to use any charger

While it’s easy to pick up a phone charger almost anywhere these days, buying cheap phone chargers is not recommended. Wherever possible, buy your charger directly from the phone’s manufacturer (e.g. Apple, Samsung), or from a legitimate third-party brand that your phone’s manufacturer has approved.



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