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  • 13-06-2017
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Tip of the Week: Customise Text Replies

by 3 Community Manager ‎13-06-2017 10:24 AM - edited ‎13-06-2017 10:25 AM (547 Views)

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Tip of the Week: Customise your text replies to calls when busy


Why should I do this?

Ever received an important phone call while sitting in an equally important meeting? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to answer your phone, or want to answer your phone. Whatever the reason, did you know that instead of ignoring the call, cancelling the call or letting it go to voicemail, you can send an automatic text message instead? How considerate! It’s a feature that’s been around a long time but it’s often overlooked - so here’s how you can do it on iPhone and Android.  


How do I do this?

It’s simple…


If you have an iPhone running iOS 10, it’s easy to reply with a text message. When a call comes in, tap the button labeled ‘Message’, above the ‘Slide to Answer’ slider. You will then have the choice to respond to the caller with three automatic replies (“Sorry, I can’t talk right now”, “I’m on my way” and “Can I call you later?”).


There’s also the option to customise these three pre-written options. Simply go to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text. From there you can customise the options to anything you like.






















Images based on iOS 10 software


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When a call is coming in, you’ll see an option for ‘Message’. Tap this and you can choose from a selection of pre-written texts, which when selected will also cancel the call.

If you want to create your own customised text options: open the Phone application, click ‘Settings’ from the options button and choose ‘Quick Decline Messages’ from the settings option. From there you can add and delete these text messages.
























Images based on Android 7.0 software


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