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  • Three_Ashling
  • 26-06-2017
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Tip of the Week: Charge your Android faster

by 3 Community Manager ‎26-06-2017 03:04 PM - edited ‎26-06-2017 03:06 PM (641 Views)

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Tip of the Week: Charge your Android Faster


Why should I do this? 

Last week, we discussed how to charge an iPhone faster. This week it's Android's turn. Regardless of your phone manufacturer, we would all like to charge our phones a little less often. Here we list some tips to get the fastest possible charge from your Android. 


How do I do this?

Here are our top tips for charging your Android phone faster:


Turn on Airplane Mode: It’s the same for all phones, tablets or anything that’s rechargeable. It just makes sense- when you’re not using your phone, it’s still working away in the background. It’s checking for new emails, events, weather plus a dozen other things. Although this is what makes your smartphone so awesome, it eats into your battery capacity and slows down the charging time. If you want to get the most bars in the shortest amount of time. Give your phone a break and turn on Airplane Mode while charging. 


Flight Mode 1 (2).jpg


Flight Mode 2 (2).jpg


Use a good charging cable: Not all charging cables are created equal. Depending on the gauge of the cables inside, it can range from 0.5A up to 4 times this at 2.0A. When buying a new charger cable remember that the higher the gauge, the higher the output, the quicker your phone charges.

Keep it cool: Keep your smartphone somewhere nice and cool, out of sunlight and off the radiator. This is just science. All phone’s charger-circuits have heat-regulators to keep your phone from over-heating. If the phone becomes hot while charging it will automatically throttle the charge. So while charging, keep the phone in a cool place.


Remove the case: A further step is to remove any case you have put on the phone. The phone will get a little hotter while it charge – this is normal. Similar to leaving it in the sun, or on a radiator, having a case on it acts like a wooly coat for your phone and can cause the phone’s regulator to slow down the available charge coming in.


Use a mains socket, not USB: Instead of charging from your laptop, you are way more likely to get a higher charge coming from the mains. Makes sense right?


Advanced TipTurn on ‘charging’ as the USB option: To do this, you will need Developer Mode activated. Go to Settings>About>Phone>Build. Tap the build number 7 times, until you see the countdown. Keep tapping until the phone says tells you the developer option is available. Go back to Settings and you’ll have the new option of ‘Developer Options’. Tap it and go to ‘USB Configuration’ and choose, and choose ‘Charging’ from the options.


Any tips or tricks you want to share with the Community? We’d love to hear them, comment below.




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