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  • Three_Steve
  • 16-08-2016
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The New Samsung Gear VR

by on ‎16-08-2016 02:19 PM - last edited on ‎19-12-2016 04:43 PM by 3 Community Manager (908 Views)

Gear VR.png






When Oculus and Samsung teamed up and released the Gear VR in 2014 it was clear that this was a ‘test pilot’ aimed at users who were blown away by the likes of Google Cardboard but wanted something a little more comfortable and compatible, without a huge price-tag.


Samsung listened and their first VR headset was launched and suddenly everyone realised that robust VR headsets were not only awesome and convenient, but also affordable.

Over the last year Samsung have really listened to VR fans feedback which has resulted in some very nice upgrades and improvements in March 2015 and now again with the release of the Galaxy Note 7 a new Gear VR2 was released with even more comfort and user friendly features.


Straps and Face Supports.


gear-vr_supreme_list_foam.png    gear-vr_supreme_list_strap.png

If you want to immerse yourself in a virtual world then comfort is a must. There is nothing worse than playing a shooting game and being conscience that the headset might move. This is why Samsung have made improvements to the VR’s top and side straps, making them more secure especially when moving around. There have also been improvements made to the face support around the eyes which adds some much needed comfort in the form of additional foam cushions.


The Buttons.



Since the release of the first VR set, fans have been crying out for more controls on the headset itself - especially a physical button to bring you back to the home screen. Thankfully Samsung added this to the new Gear VR2. The headset also has its original touch-pad and back-key all of which are larger and better positioned making it easier to navigate while immersed in a VR world.



New Lenses



The Gear VR2 has darkened lenses to reduce ‘light leakage’ and to prevent reflection on the lens. This provides a more immersive experience, effectively blocking out reality and letting the virtual world shine.





28687144616_d710a9cd82_b.jpg   28104231873_666b9797a6_b.jpg

Although this newer VR was released with the Note 7 which uses the new Type-C USB connection you can still use your, Galaxy S6 (edge and edge+), S7 (edge) and Note 5 by using the connector module.


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