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  • billbond4
  • 01-07-2019
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OnePlus 7 Pro - Tried and Tested by billbond4.

by Legend on ‎01-07-2019 01:56 PM - last edited on ‎02-07-2019 09:54 AM by 3 Community Manager (1,451 Views)


One plus 7 Pro.jpg



Thanks to the nice mods here on the Three Forum who gave me a OnePlus 7 Pro to test out for a few days.



The One Plus 7 Pro’s most striking feature is the nearly all-screen front with no pin-hole camera or notch as the front camera is a pop-up camera.

Even though the phone is 162.6mm tall and 75.9mm wide it doesn’t feel too large in the hand, it's great that OnePlus include a transparent case in the box it’s a pity more manufacturers don’t do the same.

The rear of the phone is covered by 3d Corning Gorilla Glass and the raised triple lens camera with led flash.

On one side is the power button and a handy multi-way switch for (Ring, Vibrate, Silent function) and the other side is the volume rocker.

On the top is the space for the front facing pop up camera to move and one of the front speakers on the bottom is the second speaker, microphones the dual sim tray as well as the USB-C connector.

As with all flagship phones now there is no headphone jack so you would need an adapter if you have no USB-C headphones or use Bluetooth headphones. One thing I miss is a LED Notification.

I found the onscreen fingerprint scanner to be very quick and it processed my fingerprint very fast.





The One Plus 7 Pro has a bezel free 6.67 inch display with “Fluid Amoled” offering a resolution of 3120*1440 pixels (516 ppi) and the option to select refresh rates or either 60 or 90Hz, using the 90Hz refresh rate does give really smooth scrolling experience this was especially noticeable when scrolling webpages. With the aspect ratio of 16.5:9 I did notice that you had some black bars on the side of the screen while watching some Netflix shows    Having a full screen with no bezels is great, I can see more phone manufacturers doing the same.

When the sun did come out the screen was able to able to handle the glare very well and the auto brightness did a good job when going between bright and dull locations.

I really liked the option of “Reading mode” which basically turned the phone screen from colour to greyscale which makes the phone screen very easy to read and would also increase the battery life.


Audio :-

Dolby Atmos is part of the audio experience on the One Plus 7 Pro and the Stereo Speakers are quiet strong. When I had the volume up to the maximum level the sound did distort a little probably due to the lack of top bezel.



The main camera is a 48 Mp with a large aperture and Dual OIS and the is Ultra Wide Angle 17mm 117 ° lens to capture landscape shots. I found the camera quality overall to be very impressive the wide angle shots gave lots of detail and being able to zoom without losing too much resolution is great for a smartphone. The camera app is very intuitive allowing you to select the best option for the shot you want to take without having to go into settings menus.


 The Outdoor shoots keep plenty of detail and do an excellent job of colour reproduction.The Outdoor shoots keep plenty of detail and do an excellent job of colour reproduction.

Examples of ZoomExamples of Zoom




Examples of Interior, Flash and Low Light PhotosExamples of Interior, Flash and Low Light Photos


Examples of Interior, Flash and Low Light PhotosExamples of Interior, Flash and Low Light Photos



Examples of Interior, Flash and Low Light PhotosExamples of Interior, Flash and Low Light Photos



The Selfies are a bit overexposed but they have good enough amount of detail in the photo.    

As the Pop-Up mechanism introduces some possible wear and tear One Plus has tested the mechanism for the pop-up Front camera 300,000 times and say it kept on working without any problems and also will detect if the photo is failing by using gyroscope and automatically put the camera back inside the phone.


For Video recording the OIS did an excellent job of keeping the video steady and not introducing too much shake into the video I recorded while running.

The videos get recorded in 4K so you get plenty of detail, also supported are modes 4k, 1080P and Super Slow Motion.



There’s a good-sized 4,000mAh battery inside the OnePlus 7 Pro and I had no problems getting it to last over a day and Warp Charge 30 charger included in the box which charges the phone 34% faster the Oneplus 6T, you should be able to go from 0 to 30% in 15 minutes using the Warp Charger. The 10-layer liquid cooling system inside the phone stops it getting too hot. Wireless charging is not supported. 

To squeeze more life out of the battery there’s an option of Battery Saver to extend your battery life when the battery reaches a certain level and there’s an adaptive Battery setting which limits battery for apps you don’t use too often.



The OnePlus 7 Pro runs OxygenOS based on Android Pie and inside the phone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 6GB Ram and UFS 3.0 128gb Storage which gives the fastest data transfer speed but there is no Micro-SD slot

I found the OxygenOS very similar to stock android and with the 90Hz screen mode enabled, I found the phone super responsive.

Fnatic mode is a good feature for gamers, which stops you getting distracted by notifications and optimizes the phone for gaming. It also supports Face unlock.



Useful Information:

Full Specs


To Win a OnePlus 7 Pro

Or via the 3Plus App


Buy Online :- 

Three Bill pay from €179

Three Prepay €699




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