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  • Three_Ashling
  • 30-05-2017
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App of the Week: SoloTraveller

by 3 Community Manager ‎30-05-2017 12:45 PM - edited ‎30-05-2017 01:41 PM (703 Views)

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App of the Week: SoloTraveller














SoloTraveller is a social travel app, which connects users with other travellers and locals while they’re on the move. It’s also a great app for discovering the hottest spots for backpackers, whether you’re looking for the best places for food, culture or transport.


Why should I download it?

Heading off on an exciting solo adventure this summer? Then you need to download SoloTraveller. The app connects those travelling on their own with other solo backpackers and like-minded people, allowing them to share experiences and find the best places to go in an area.


Say you’ve just touched down in Berlin and would love to find someone to meet for a coffee. Log into the app via Facebook – you don’t need to set up a separate account – and the app will link you up with people in the area, whether they’re fellow solo travellers or locals from the city. The results can be filtered by gender, age and location. The app can inform you of the best hotels, restaurants, museums and other attractions nearby, and you can share your own experiences and tips too. SoloTraveller can even save you money – taxi trips and tours can be arranged with your fellow travellers on the app, which can work out much cheaper for groups.


So whether you’re looking for general travel tips in a new city, or looking to make some great friends while you backpack, SoloTraveller can help you out.
























Where can I find it? 

SoloTraveller is free to download on both iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the App Store or the Google Play Store.


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