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  • Three_Ashling
  • 14-11-2017
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App of the Week: Sleep Cycle

by 3 Community Manager ‎14-11-2017 11:24 AM - edited ‎14-11-2017 11:27 AM (250 Views)

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App of the Week: Sleep Cycle


Sleep Cycle.png










Getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult, but luckily there’s an app for that! If you want to improve your sleep habits and wake up every morning feeling extra refreshed, you need to download Sleep Cycle alarm clock app.


Why should I download it?

Sleep Cycle is a smart alarm clock that monitors you while you sleep, analyses your habits and wakes you up gently during your lightest sleep phase – meaning you’ll feel more rested than if you woke to a blaring alarm clock during a deep sleep. You can choose from a variety of gentle sounds as your alarm, which will go off when the app finds the optimal time to wake you. For example, if you need to be up at 7.30am, the app will wake you sometime between 7am and 7.30am, depending on your sleep pattern.


Rated as one of the best apps in countries such as the US, UK, Japan and Germany, Sleep Cycle does more than just wake you up. It also provides detailed yet easy-to-read sleep statistics and graphs, allowing you to see your average sleep and wake up times.


If you purchase the premium version, you can create sleep notes and see how drinking caffiene, exercising or stress can affect your sleep quality, as well compare your sleep trends to the rest of the world.


Sleep Cycle 1.PNG


Sleep Cycle 2.PNG



How do I get it?

You can download Sleep Cycle for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store, with the option of an in-app purchase to upgrade to the premium version.  



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