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  • Three_Kelly
  • 13-02-2018
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App of the Week: Recipes by Ingredients

by on ‎13-02-2018 04:22 PM - last edited on ‎14-02-2018 09:31 AM by 3 Community Manager (319 Views)



App of the Week: Recipes by Ingredients 


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Have you ever looked in the fridge and struggled to think of what you could whip up with the limited supplies you have? Look no further than the Recipes by Ingredients app. This app allows you to enter the ingredients you have, or would like to use, and it will pull up recipe options you can make with them.


Recipes photo 2.png


Why should I download it?

Recipe by Ingredients makes it easier for you to discover more recipes with the ingredients that you have. You can easily search for recipes based on certain ingredients or ones that are suitable for certain allergies. You can also refine your recipes by number of servings and the time it will take to cook, in order to suit any situation you’re in.  Simply enter in what you want added to your meal and pick anything you need left out, from gluten to specific allergens like peanuts, shellfish or lactose.


Each recipe gives you step by step instructions to help you make whatever you want. This app has over 175,000 recipes and is continually growing, as users can add their own recipes to the selection.

The app’s cloud book cookbook means you can save your favourite recipes and even add your own, so they are easily accessible to use again.


Where can I find it?

You can download the app from the App Store or you can download it from the Google Play Store. You will never be stuck for a dish to cook up again!



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