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Unable to use my3 app


I have recently replaced my phone and cannot get the my3 app to work on my new phone

(xiaomi Mi A2 Lite which is an android one phone running android 9).

The app opens and says you're connected. I click start setup and get connecting to three. This might take a minute. After a couple of minutes I get a message saying "Something's gone funny - give us a minute and try again. Maybe try restarting your phone". If I click on find out more I see that the error code is 114 - My3 is currently unavailable in your location.

I have tried restarting the phone and uninstalling the app and downloading it and opening it again (all using mobile data with wifi turned off) but I still get the same result. I have tried for three days now with no luck. Any idea what the problem could be?


Re: Unable to use my3 app

Ah I know what that is. Is it your phone location. If you're not using an Irish phone then the my3 app for Irish customers won't work properly. You need to look at changing that but I'm not sure how. Google be your best bet. It's def your phone and not the app
Posted From Generic Android 2.0

Re: Unable to use my3 app

By Irish customers I mean people in Ireland that are customers. The app can see your phone is not an Irish phone so it doesn't recognise it.
Posted From Generic Android 2.0

Re: Unable to use my3 app

Thanks for replying. I've only just noticed that this forum is for three customers in Ireland. I am actually based in England but it could be a similar issue as my phone is a global version. Thanks for your help.
Posted From Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Re: Unable to use my3 app

Yeah I do think @Mac_n_cheese is right here.
Posted From Samsung SM-N960F

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