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Re: 3Community Christmas Draw 2018

My fondest memory is when I asked Santy for an ice-cream doll but when I looked under the tree it was not there. My sister told me my mam and dad wanted me in their bedroom and when I went in the doll was on the pillow. I named the doll Nik after Nik Kershaw lol and still have him.

Re: 3Community Christmas Draw 2018

My fondost christmas memory began about 25 years ago.

When i was a child i remember being in bed with my curtains open, oustide the window i dont know if i was imagining things but i was sure i saw the reflection of Santa’s slay!

It made me so much into the Christmas spirit, with all my old school friends saying he isnt real etc.
I thought i was right and it was the best thing i had through my whole Christmas.

Ill never forget this event that happenedSmiley Happy

It still stays within my memory!

Re: 3Community Christmas Draw 2018

3 Community Manager

Hi All,


Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful Christmas memories! It definitely helped spread the Christmas cheer and made me even more excited about Christmas (as if that was even possible)


I put all of your names into one of our many empty Celebrations boxes and picked @Donegal-3 as the winner!


Congrats @Donegal-3 Heart Send me a PM with your full name and address please.


Happy Christmas everyone!

Re: 3Community Christmas Draw 2018

Wow thank you so much over the moon a Massive Merry Christmas to all at Three and the Three Community have a good everyone 💞#Feelingthelove

Re: 3Community Christmas Draw 2018

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Congratulations to @Donegal-3 and Merry Christmas to everyone at Three 🎅🏼🎄🎅🎅🏼🎄🎅

Re: 3Community Christmas Draw 2018



Re: 3Community Christmas Draw 2018




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