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Broadband Speed drops in evening

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In the last two days my broadband speed has dropped in the evening, from a daytime upload  speed of over 20Mbps (typically 30 but can hit 40) to an evening of under 2Mbps download for the last two nights.

I haven't had anything like this before, and yes I did restart the Router, Huawei B525s-23a. 
I'm in Laois, Mountrath area.

Looks like too much of a drop for user congestion. 
Any known issues in the area? Any idea of when they'll be resolved?



Re: Broadband Speed drops in evening

Ah sounds like issue then cuz it's a sudden thing, at least you tried a few things! @Three: mountrath in laoise, any problems?
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Re: Broadband Speed drops in evening

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@Neb, Hi there and welcome to the Community. I hope you'll find many useful topics and maybe a competition or two. I've had a look at your area and nothing is out of the ordinary. To help you here, I'll need you to PM me your exact address and broadband number, full name and date of birth. @Mac_n_cheese, thanks as always.  

Re: Broadband Speed drops in evening

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One clarification, I meant download speeds not upload.

I just checked my log of speed tests.  Today and yesterday the evening download speed has been under 2Mbps, but the day speed was 23Mbps, which is also bit low for what I usually get, but fine. For the previous month it has always been over 30Mbps, day or evening. And despite being in a bad area for mobile broadband coverage the Router does get good signal strength.


PM sent.

Re: Broadband Speed drops in evening


Same happened to me, 6 months ago my speed was 40 during the day and 20 in the evening, now 40 at dawn, 20 during the day and 1 or 2 in the evening, I use 3G most of the time now "which is still useful" , so many users for the bandwidth available. that is why cheap. I can't get any other ISP except Vodafone with 250G cap, when my contract with Three expires I will sign 2 accounts with Vodafone, expensive but faster. The other thing that could happen is 3G will become congested like 4G, then I will contact Comreg to get me out of contract

Re: Broadband Speed drops in evening

I have similar issue. Speed is reasonably good during morning and afternoon 20+ Mbps but come evening time is less than 1 Mbps, unusable. Located in Castlelyons, Cork.
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Re: Broadband Speed drops in evening

Hmmm congestion would be a cause I believe but have you tried anything that @Naser mentioned? 


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