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very very poor service!!!

Four months ago I has major speed issues especially at peak times. I was getting speeds of 0.2mbps at peak times. I solved the issue by changing the modem setting from 4G to 3G. The speed at peak time improved immediately 


This week the service has returned to the very very very very slow speeds at peak time. 3G no longer works as it gets a failed connection message and I am forced to go back to 4G. The speed are shameful. 


I am sick to death of this ridiculous service. I am not paying for 0.2 MBPS at peak time. This is stealing money from customers. Why pay for unlimited when you can't even stream. What can be done. I want out of this service. It is stealing money from customers. 

Re: very very poor service!!!

@tanushajerryAre they working on your local mast? Either that or there's an issue with 3G in the area. You could send the mods a PM with the address to check and let us know if that's why it suddenly dropped.


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