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Very poor broadband connection

My broadband speeds as of the last month have been extremely poor, with download speeds of between 0.8 and 1mbps. I have tried all the recommend changes, moving the router everywhere, I have external ariels attached, taking the sim out and putting it back in, changing the channels and nothing has made any improvement. I changed my router to the B525s 23a a few months ago, but I also tried moving the sim back to the old router, but that made no difference. The only times the internet speeds in any way improve are in the middle of the night, which suggests this may be a congestion issue?

Re: Very poor broadband connection


Hi Noreenb, 


I'm sorry to hear this! I'd like to check it out for you. You mention your speeds have been poor for the last month? How were your speeds before this? 


Can you send me a PM with your broadband number, name, address and DOB and I'll look into this?





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