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Unusable internet after hours

Just signed up as I have moved houses and was not much choice... I have found a great place in the house for the Three router and get 40mb during the day.. however at night it becomes completely unusable and is down more than its up.. and when its up its less than 1mb..


If Router (Three B525) is set to auto.. almost all pings drop or have huge return time... if I set it to 3G the ping is more reliable but the speed is less than 1mb...


This happens every evening from around 7pm onwards and usually speeds up about 9pm.. but not tonight


Re: Unusable internet after hours

And here is the morning video.. where internet is usable on 4G


Re: Unusable internet after hours


You cannot defeat the Contention Ratio, sometimes referred to as the Over-Subscription Ratio.


Re: Unusable internet after hours


It could be an issue with the backhaul, i.e. from the mast to the internet.

Send the mods a pm with your details and location, they might be able to check if their will be upgrade work on that mast, which could improve your speeds


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