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Unlimited limit?


I'm on a Unlimited Broadband plan of €29.99 but wondered about a fair use limit and after how many Gigs it becomes well... less unlimited?

Just wondered because my HiLink router app says I'm above my spend while my 3 app days I have 763,388 MB left. I didn't receive any texts warning me I'm about to go over my limit though. I'm bedridden because of a chronic illness so Netflix is my best friend 24h a day. Afraid to lose that so.

Maybe I should reset the date of when my plan plan is reset for a new month?

Re: Unlimited limit?


Regardless of what your apps tell you, a login into your 3 Account will provide a definitive answer to your remaining allowance and how long in days are left before it is reset. Check frequently and I do not see that there can be any problem.




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