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Unlimited limit?


I'm on a Unlimited Broadband plan of €29.99 but wondered about a fair use limit and after how many Gigs it becomes well... less unlimited?

Just wondered because my HiLink router app says I'm above my spend while my 3 app days I have 763,388 MB left. I didn't receive any texts warning me I'm about to go over my limit though. I'm bedridden because of a chronic illness so Netflix is my best friend 24h a day. Afraid to lose that so.

Maybe I should reset the date of when my plan plan is reset for a new month?

Re: Unlimited limit?

My3 app is where you should check because your router could be showing you your usage as a total and not on the same refresh date as your plan. It's 750 gb and then your charged after that. They can unlimited cuz of how much you actually get. A text about your allowance goes to the router sim so check the inbox by visiting login using admin as the username and password, then click on the inbox symbol or the envelope symbol.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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