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UPload is much faster than DOWNload


Hello All,


I am new to 3. 

I recently purchased a 3 broadband sim to test the signal in my area. 


I can get 15 M/bit UPload 


only 0.3 (yes, ZERO POINT THREE) M/bit DOWNload 


Anyone encounter this ? 


Is it possible that I have a PHONE sim in a LTE modem/router ? 

I asked specifically in the store for a broadband sim, I logged into and my number is listed as "mobile broadband" 


Anyone able to help ?

Many thanks




Re: UPload is much faster than DOWNload


That is normal, as many people are doing the same there are so many users per mast, everyone is downloading much more than uploading, that creates so much contention, I ran a speedtest just now, download is 3.29 mbps and upload 11.66 mbps


Re: UPload is much faster than DOWNload

2nd Cakeday!
Yeah same on mine. More demand on the download = slower download
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: UPload is much faster than DOWNload

You could try to move your router to a better location to see if that improves your speed


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