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Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose


I have spent all day wasting my time explaining Three's not fit for
purpose mobile Wi-Fi broadband two-18 month contract 750gb fair usage.
You have stopped my internet yet on my three mobile Wi-Fi home page it
clearly shows the total is 623.53gb I have enclosed the screenshot
showing this. I rang three and spoke to Jamie, Shauna and Pauline
first of all Jamie said that I used up my 30gb allowance and three cut
my service and was only interested in selling an internet upgrade and
would not let me speak to a supervisor or manager he also said
megabytes were larger than gigabytes what incompetent people you have
working for you. Shauna again didn't let me speak to a manager and
finally Pauline again didn't let me speak to a manager. Pauline sent
the password to get into my3 she then could see that it was showing
623.53gb on my three login homepage. She said that three would
investigate why it's showing 750gb on your side yet it clearly shows
623.53gb on my three login. So it's the customer that is penalised for
three's incompetent web design of a login my three hompage which the
customer sees as 623.53gb with 126.47gb left on their allowance. The
fault is clearly yours and as such I have the screenshot and voice
recordings to prove this. I expect this formal complaint 8205933149 to
be acknowledged within two working days. I will be following this up
with Comreg to highlight how a customer through no fault of theirs had
their broadband stopped. What a terrible sorry mess that you provided
with your not fit for purpose customer login broadband total used for
the month login details. The fault is yours with this descrpency
between 623.53gb and 750gb. As soon as possible I will be changing my
phone and internet provider from Three.

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose

What if your usage just hasn't updated in your account. There might be a delay with it. Curious as to whether it happened before or is a once off blip? You should have been able to speak with a manager though that's worrying but the mods here might be able to help if you send them your number. Sometimes staff training isn't the best but that's a call centre thing. They've to put up with a lot, but refused three times that's not great. Check what you've used in the morning and if it's still the same then it's an issue and not a delay.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose

Same thing as mine actually but I'll give what @Mac_n_cheese said a go. 24 hours isn't too long to wait for me. Cheers, you saved me spending my lunch break calling 1913.

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose

Oh and the plan is quite good just thought I'd mention that. I use it at work and at home because I take the modem with me. Service generally good but drops at 9 pm which isn't a massive problem but might be if it drops any further. Thanks again

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose

Mac_n_cheese, thank you for your input This is the first time that this has ever happened to my bill pay mobile Wi-Fi and I just checked there again before I left for work this morning and it's still the same with my usage. This is not what I signed up for with three, I expect the total usage to show up 750gb on my three login hompage this is what the customer has to rely on each month to make sure you won't go over. So the customer is left with no internet when it clearly shows on your my three hompage that your total has not exceeded the 750gb. It's a scam by three and not fit for purpose. Of course Three said that they apologized and will envestigate further but those apologies ring hollow and mean nothing when Three never reinstated my internet even after Pauline from Three had said when she logged into my account from her side and seen the total on my three login homepage didn't show 750gb Pauline then after speaking to her manager said that she never said that she seen the lower amount but luckily I had the conversations recorded and I will give these details to Comreg after the 10days have elapsed. No internet wow what a service again today. Three don't care about what customers have to rely on the my three login homepage each month. Three reinstate my internet which i have paid for.

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose

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I understand why you'd be annoyed because you still have over 100GB to use but i don't think this falls under a scam, it's more likely to be an issue with your app or a glitch in the system. All they can do is investigate for you. Pm the mods, it's what I would do, and if their system is wrong or your app is showing the wrong amount they can just give you back the rest of your GB or money towards it. Something fair anyway. I could be completely wrong but scam isn't what I'd call it. Hope you get sorted though oh and you can always ask for all your sessions so you can add it up? Actually yeah maybe that would help

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose

Mac_n_cheese 'something fair' Do you not think it would be fair to reinstate the broadband that I paid for 750gb in good faith. All we as customers can rely on, is the total on our mythree login homepage to avoid extra charges by Three and this is where the definition of a scam apply which involves tricking customers by showing on your login homepage that you are within your allowance when by what Three say you have gone over your 750gb when you ring and they then try and get you to purchase an add on.
Would you trust Three to add up all your sessions when Pauline from Three blatantly lied when minutes before she said she seen my total used on my three login hompage was a lot less than 750gb. I'm glad I have the voice recording for Comreg. I downloaded no app as the Huawei mobile Wi-Fi E5573 was plug and go this is all Three's hardware and software.
The customer should not be penalised by stopping the broadband when it was Three's hardware and software. It's there glitch, it's dishonest, one has to be able to trust that your total on my three login homepage is correct. Thank you mac_n_cheese for your input.

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose

Im just saying it is more than likely a glitch and not something done on purpose. You're best bet is to reach out to mods so they can actually check it and from what I can tell they seem to help. Send them the pm and you can let us know the outcome. Hope it gets sorted and turns out it was a mistake. Comreg will probably refer you back to Three first so it can be investigated but if I were you then I'd just want to know what happened.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Three incompetent mobile Wi-Fi not fit for purpose


@ChristineH I'm happy to take a look at this for you to see what's going on with your allowance. Click on the "Send me a PM" link in my signature and I'll come back to your PM then. Thanks!


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