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Three home broadband question

Just seen an ad for Three home broadband (broadband only) and it is €30 per month. I'm currently paying €53 with Eir for broadband only. All the compare sites don't even have Three listed for broadband only services so I'm just wondering is there a catch? I have no clue about LTE modems etc. so any input would be greatly appreciated. Like with Eir's landline/DSL modem, I'm assuming you can use your laptop with their mobile 4G broadband modem?


Re: Three home broadband question


You will be able to use your laptop no problem with a three router.

My main questions are ,

what do you use your internet for ?

and where is your location ?


The main difference between mobile (Three, Vodafone) and none mobile providers (Eir, Virgin)

is that mobile providers cant guarantee you a certain speed, but none mobile providers can.

Generally the best way is to try out the mobile provider and see if it works for you.




Re: Three home broadband question

3 Community Manager

@SenltonGomes Have you looked into this further? @billbond4 has made very good points. In addition to all that, we now have a 14 day cooling-off period for new broadband account got from both stores and online 👍


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