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Strict NAT type Hotspot



I use my prepay phone as my home internet using hotspot..

It works fine and is fast and all but the problem is that the NAT type is set to strict and I have problems connecting to some games as a result..

I've been told that a static IP may solve this issue? 

I know that a router would fix this but obviously I can't use one while using my phone as my home internet..

I would appreciate any help or details regarding this, I was thinking of trying a VPN but I'm unsure if it would work.. 



Re: Strict NAT type Hotspot


Leeges you can ask for a public dynamic IP address


Re: Strict NAT type Hotspot

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Hi Leeges,


We can assign a dynamic IP for you for a broadband account, we can't, however, assign a static I'm afraid. 

Re: Strict NAT type Hotspot

I don't think that will work for a mobile phone.
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