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Re: uke.Re: Slow 4G mobile speed


Hello Johnybeag, you are welcome and it is a pity the end result was not good. Since the posting date of 25 August nothing has changed at all. I still get 20mb download off-peak and less than 2mb after 5pm and most of the weekends making the service unusable for anything useful. I did have an interesting email exchange with COMREG who are working towards dragging these providers into the 21st Century but at the moment nothing is concrete and will in any event have to wait until after the next Election when they can know the up to date Government proposals (if there are any). So we are stuck. I trialled Vodaphone 4G and evening speeds are superior but not worth a permanent change from Three due to the cost. Also, in terms of customer service, Three in my experience outstrip Vodaphone by quite a margin. 5G? I'm not holding breath but, like you, I am waiting and hoping. Regards, Erik.

Re: uke.Re: Slow 4G mobile speed

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I gotta say, though maybe I shouldn't, I take some comfort in reading that others are suffering the same diabolical download speeds that I am!  I've been with 3Ireland for 11 years, and never has the service offered been as poor as it is now.  When I first signed up with Three, I lived in a 'fringe area', where even the Three Rep. I spoke to, doubted I would even get a signal - I did, about 1-bar from one of those tiny USB 3G modems.  But it worked, so I was happy.  Fast forward five years, I've moved to another rural area, got an upgraded router/modem from Three, but was still receiving at about 1-2 bars - but again, speeds were acceptable for such poor signal strength.  Fast-forward to today, I've got a B525 modem/router, signal strength on the 4G network never below 3 bars, often 4 - so at least Three has been upgrading 'something' - but really deplorable speeds that seem to just keep getting worse.  On very rare occasions, between 2-4am, I've seen speeds up to 20Mb/s - so the network is certainly capable of providing fast speeds! - but normally, during 'reasonable' off-peak hours, I never see speeds in excess of 2Mb/s, on-peak, the speeds are practically unusable, dropping to around 20-50kBytes/s (around 160-400kb/s).  Note that the lower figure is only 3 times the speed of what was attainable with a dial-up connection 25 years ago!  This level of service is abysmal.  Switching over to 3G used to provide a respite, though recently, this also seems to be either getting 'throttled', or deluged by users switching to it as I do.  Interestingly, and something that doesn't seem to be commented on much, my upload speed seems to be always good.  I throttle mine at around 100kB/s (800kB/s) but let loose it can shoot up to 200-250kB/s, even during peak periods.  This to me is clear evidence that throttling is in effect by Three, at least during peak-periods, but only on download speeds.  I'm counting down the days that Musk's Spacelink comes online and starts offering broadband globally.  I'll switch over in an instant.  You can then be as sure as our broadband is abysmal, that there will be a flurry of activity from Three to start providing a decent level of service, to whatever number of customers they still have left.  I for one, don't intend to be one of them.


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