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Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB. Why?


 Signed up on 14th February, allowance kicks in on the 2nd of every month.

I've gone having 100GB on my previous contract to having 30gb, when I expressly signed up for 750GB!


My contract:



As it stands today:


This is what you've got left this month, until your new monthly allowance starts:

ROI Only Data - MB 28,320 New monthly allowance starts in 0 day(s).

ROI only internet data allowance


Click on the More details link below to see what you’ll get when your new monthly allowance starts.



Your price plan:


3 Broadband Two - 18 Month



30720 MB

Re: Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB. Why?

3 Community Manager

Hi John, today you should have 750GB to use, if your allowance refreshes on the 2nd. I can check this on our side, right away. Can you send me a PM with the mobile broadband number, your full name, address and date of birth? 

Re: Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB.


I have the exact same problem after checking just now - I have a 30GB allowance for a "Broadband Two" plan. Even worse, it said this prior to reaching my new allowance.


Checking two days back, it gave me around 30GB allowance (my previous plan was 90GB, of which I'd used 70 when I checked my allowance a few days previously) and I have data usage charges that I was not expecting. Are these real over-usage charges, or were they calculated from a 30BG allowance in error? Why did the plan switch BEFORE start of new allowance????


This all looks pretty messy. You guys REALLY need to be warning people before allowing over-usage charges if these are valid. I can't figure out how I used the remainder that quickly so I'm hoping it's an error.

Re: Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB.


I am also having the same issue. I called customer care twice before my previous billing period on Broadband 5 ended, and was cut off for a week when I got to 250G, even though my account had switched over to Broadband 2. Now the billing period for the previous plan ended two days ago, but now my allowance is showing 30G, and I've now 7G left, even though the two calls to customer confirmed I would be on the 750G plan when the billing period switched over. So in a few hours, I'm probably going to get cut off, 3 days into my new "unlimited" plan. 

Re: Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB.


OK, So I just hit the 30G, and I've been cut off. I repeatedly raised this concern with customer care and they said I'd get 750G. The website disagreed, however, and it said I'd get 30G. And I got 30G. And then I got cut off. I've now contacted customer care again, and a request has been sent to the billing dept to apply the correct allowance to my account. All billing requests will be handled within 72 hours, so I'm told. So I could be offline for up to 3 days. 

Re: Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB.


Hi PadraicB,


After your first bill cycle, your allowance will update on your My3 account. If you need to check your allowance just drop us a PM with your name, address, date of birth & number and we can check this for you. 

Re: Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB.

3 Moderator

Hi @climberhunt, can you send your details in a DM and I'll have a look into this for you now?


Re: Signed up for 750GB of of Broadband, only getting 30GB.


So the billing team sorted out the issue for the moment. 

Just to explain to anyone else reading this, here's the process:

I'm on the 750G package, but the website showed an allowance of 30G when the billing period switched into a new month (with 30G data remaining, and started to count down). I was concerned that I'd only get 30G, and raised with customer care. They said not to worry, I'd get 750G. But I got cut off when I hit 30G, when "ROI Only Data" hit zero. I called customer care, they sent a request to billing to apply the correct allowance to my account. This request was actioned about 36 hours later, which, in fairness, is within the 72 hours promised by the agent who raised the request. So I'm back on-line, and my remaining data is now showing about 735G remaining.


HOWEVER, by price plan is still showing 30720 MB, and I fully expect to have to call customer care again next month 30G into the next billing period. I would hope that the team behind the website will eventually fix that issue, and the Broadband 2 plan will show 750G allowance into the future.


So anyone on the 750G package, your "ROI Onlu Data - MB" on My3 should show your actual data remaining, and if it didn't go up to 750G when your billing period switched over, contact customer care and ask them to put in a request to billing to have the correct allowance applied. 


Great to be back on line, though! Smiley Happy


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