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Problem with broadband speed - Carlow

Hi all.
I am having horrendous issues with my broadband speeds in Carlow.
I am getting very low speeds (around 4mb/s) but the upload speeds are up to 20 mb/s
In addition I have been experiencing loads of connection problems.
This this what I've tried:
1. Got a new sim card
2. Got a new huawei Huawei B525 router
3. Currently using a mobile hot-spot (zte) that works better than the Huawei B525
4. Moved both routers around the house to get a better signal
Nothing has improved the situation.
Three customer support have been less than helpful and now I am stuck in contract for another 10 months.
Can anyone help?

Re: Problem with broadband speed - Carlow

Oh, I forgot to say that the speeds drops down even more in the evening/night after 6pm is usually when it gets really bad.
I also have a three mobile and when I connect my devices to this has a hot-spot the speeds are always, at least, double of what I am getting with the broadband.
More often than not when I experience issues with the broadband the phone Internet is perfect

Re: Problem with broadband speed - Carlow

That new router has two settings in it. I find when I disable the 5ghz frequesncy my speeds are better or if I enable 3G only. Play around with settings because you can always reset the router back to the default settings. It's how I found some changes helped.

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