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Prepay broadband add on won't expire (Legacy O2)

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Hi, I have a 7.5 GB prepay broadband add-on for an old O2 SIM that ran out of data several days ago that refuses to expire so I am unable to top it up again. It has been stuck at 0/7680 for several days.


When I go to "Manage Services", it claims my allowance is full.


I have tried clearing my browser cache, opening the site in a different browser and even accessed it from a public computer with the same results. I have not received any text messages saying that the add-on has run out. I had a similar problem a few weeks ago where the 7.5GB add-on was not an option on the list for several days.


I also have been getting 4G with it already, so I'm not sure why the promotion is popping up.

Re: Prepay broadband add on won't expire (Legacy O2)


Hi brandy627


Thanks for your post! Can you PM me your number, name, address and date of birth and I'll check this out for you?





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