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Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

3 Community Manager

Thanks @Michael_Mick 😊 @sboyce75 Hi there, thanks for trying all the things you've done so far and I'm happy to look into this further for you. I'll need to check your account and have this investigated for you on an individual level. Can you PM me your full name, broadband number, address and date of birth? 


Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g



How is your connection speed now? Mine is still quite poor despite changing settings over and over

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


rubbish to be honest rarely getting over 3Mb on 4g . i have my router currently set to 3G and im getting around 6Mb download. Previously i was getting 50Mb download during day and around 15Mb plus during night . So something seems wrong for sure.


What a small world we live in



Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

3 Moderator

Hi @efletcher Did you try switching your APN from 3internet to 3ireland or visa versa? Are you only experiencing this in the evenings or is it all day? If it's just in the evenings, it may be due to extra data traffic and causing congestion in the area. Take a look at our 3MadeEasy blog here as there are brilliant tips that may help you. Let me know how you get on with this 👍

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

APN switch worked for me.

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


Is congestion really an acceptable answer? There are adverts all over tele advising people that the whole family can now play games and stream and browse unlimited for low payments. 


I'd love to know which family can do this because going by the forum people all over the country are having issues doing basic tasks when the family are together. 


I signed up because it was a good option but the performance is so poor I may need to reconsider and to be honest, look for a refund because I am not getting any level of service a lot of the time. My signal just dropped to 2g and I don't even have an option to go on the 4g network. 


Congestion is not an acceptable answer to me as it means packages are being sold with no true means to fulfill them.

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


i havent been able to check in the morning as of yet.i can do that this weekend.



current speeds 3g 8.6mbps download 1.5 upload


4g speeds 1.5mbps download 0.5upload



last night was


3g 10.5 download 1.2 upload

4g 0.5 mb download 2mb upload



if its down to contention then its over subscribed for sure if its being hit that heavy.


iv tried the above tricks and nothing has helped either. These speed test results are all done with a lan connection also before wifi is mentioned.


As a a telecoms rigger that installs links and antennas il happily help install new equipment if required to fix the slow speed lol


if this continues to go on ill be looking into another provider im afraid.

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

Haven't got 4g access today, 3g only.

At 7.50pm my speed just dropped totally to the point the Sky catchup just stopped downloading. Tried options to try and get some signal and getting 0.66mbs download, 0.09mbs upload.

Took 2mins to open this forum page.

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

Over 10 mbs is good speed though, whether it's 3G or 4G. The answer to issues on 4 G is more masts to take the traffic in the evenings when more people are using it. I work away on 3G in the evenings. I don't think contention is the answer it's just what's happening at peak times.

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


ok speed test results currently




4g with apn set to 3Internet done 3 tests around 4Mb download  5mb upload


4g with apn set to 3Ireland done 3 tests  around 2.3mb download 5mb upload


3g with apn set to 3Internet 5Mb download 2.5Mb upload


3g with apn set to 3ireland 4.3mb download 1.6Mb upload



can you check traffic graphs in the area if possible ?


ill run tests early morning also






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