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Pooor Broadband speed 4g


Hi the last few days i have had really poor speed on my 4g router.


3g is working faster just ran a speed test with a direct connection getting 1.5Mb download and 0.6Mb upload on 3g


on 4g tho when normally im getting from 15mb download to 50Mb i am currently getting 0.3Mb download and upload  is 2.67Mbps with latency of 25ms


Any ideas what is causing the issue ? I have tried changing **bleep** to manual and it makes no diffenrece


current status of tplink router is below



  •        80%
  • IPv4 IPv6



  • Internet   
  • Connection Type: 4G LTE /3G
  • Service Type: 4G
  • Network Name: 3 IRL
  • Link Status: Established


Dial-Up ProfileAuto-Detection  Manual
Prefer Service Type 4g


Verify Password(optional)


Pin Code
Reconnect ModeAutoConnect-on-demandManual
Maximum Idle Timeseconds
Bridge ethernet portsEnable
NAT disableEnable
Transparent BridgeEnable

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

If it's suddenly slower like that then might be issue in area due to the weather last night. Maybe give a rough idea where you're living and mods can check the mast?
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


aye cheers i live in clogheen tipperary

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

3 Moderator

Cheers @Mac_n_cheese 👍 Hi @efletcher thanks for getting in touch and for providing your address. I have checked your area and can see our network team are working on nearby masts. The works are impacting 4G temporarily. As 4G services are impacted this would lead to an increase in traffic connecting to 3G. Our network team are aware and are working on this as a priority to have the service restored as soon as possible. 

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

any idea of when this will be resolved ?

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


Hi @efletcher


I'm afraid we don't have an ETA on this as it can depend on how much work is needed to bring the site back online. Our field engineers are on the case and will work to get this back up and running as soon as possible! Sorry for the inconvenience!


Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


I was messaging before Christmas on the Boards forum. I also like near Clogheen, Tipperary, and had many issues before Christmas. Speeds were appalling.


I got a message on Boards on Christmas Eve that the mast near me - in Ardfinnan - had issues resolved and all should be good.


By and large things have been far more stable but still getting a drop in bandwidth in the evening and nighttime. Tonight I'm getting 9mbs at times and then it drops to less than 1mbs in speed. Really impacting watching streamed services as it drops.


I tried going on and setting as 3g only but that did not resolve the issue so back to manual selection for network. 


TBH, unless lots of people have been added to the local mast in the last year there is something else up as the service has got gradually worse from Feb-Dec 2018. 

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

[ Edited ]

It may not be down to the number of people but the bandwidth due to the sheer amount of data that's being used. Do you find turning the router off and back on again helps? Changing the APN helped another member here recently, I read it on another post over the past few days. I think he changed it from 3internet to 3ireland. Give that a try sure.

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g


Thanks for the reply!


I've tried lots of things. The most irritating thing is that the speeds will just drop, crash the stream/Netflix, and then come back.


I've been on to support and tried changing settings on the router, I have a new SIM card too, and moved the router around the house as well.


I've been on Three BB since Dec 2016 and, by and large, its been stable until mid-last year. Speeds have never been the best but were stable enough for two people to be on Netflix at the same time. Now we can, but only at certain times (I watched a match via Sky Go last week and had to get my son to drop off Netflix on his tablet because the speed caused buffering). 


If we got a consistent 12mbs that would be enough but we don't.

Re: Pooor Broadband speed 4g

Yeah I get you. Did they try the different APN mobile broadband never gives consistency. A heavy rainfall or strong winds can cause crap speeds for days it's just not reliable enough to give consistent 12 mb but maybe mods here can check to see if there is a problem.

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