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Please help me deduce what's wrong with my local mast

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Hi, I'm afraid I am not 100% sure about the Cell ID, using a phone app for it. Apparently it's 4818433.....


But I do have the following info which may help you figure out exactly what one I am talking about:


Cellmapper number is 18822.


Very simple question really - is this mast/are the cells over capacity? Can anyone here figure out if it's a problem with the infrastructure with BT Openreach or not?


Reason I ask is because I can literally do this:


1. Connect SIM card to a device

2. Receive full 4G connection

3. Start using internet at high rate

4. Internet stops connecting

5. Still have full 4G signal

6. Take out SIM card, put it back in

7. Receive full 4G connection

8. Start using internet at high rate

9. Internet stops connecting



Using it at a high rate means streaming videos or downloading basically anything.


There can't be anything blocking this mast, I wouldn't get a working connection at all if that was the case. My connection dies only after a certain amount of usage or a lengthy period of time.


Any help massively appreciated. Please ask if you need more data on the mast.


Ps. been down like this for two months. 3 network checker says problem with mast but no details. It's details I am after.

Re: Please help me deduce what's wrong with my local mast

3 Community Manager

@Fieldcare do you leave your modem on all the time in general, as in you wouldn't switch it off when you're not using it? I'd usually recommend switching it off while it's not in use and that often helps with the connection. Can you give me your address, you can PM the address or Eircode and I'll check the mast for you. 

Re: Please help me deduce what's wrong with my local mast


Hi sorry, let me just mention that this issue occurs in any device we put the SIM into. It's not a device problem at all.


We can put the SIM into an unlocked phone also and use it as a hotspot and the exact same scenario will happen - perfect signal, perfect downloads then suddenly dead. Disable and enable mobile data and we're up again. Start downloading and it's down again etc.


This is a mast issue for sure. It's rare that we can connect to other masts because the broken one is the closest one but when we do there are no problems.


PMing you the postcode now.


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