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Moving to a new area with limited options

I am currently enjoying BT's 150Mbps ultrafast internet which I use to work from home once/twice a week, and it works perfectly. I love it.

However, I now find myself moving away soon to a new area of London and the apartment my partner and I have chosen appears to have pretty limited options with respect to broadband. There is no BT Fibre available, and Virgin's coverage checker doesn't appear to be working properly but it doesn't look good as a nearby address came up with nothing.

I have looked at Relish/Three Broadband but it appears that they do not yet cover the area of London I am moving to.

I am waiting on Virgin to fill me on the details for my specific address, but are there any other possible options I can pursue? My working from home productivity is going to tank if I have to do it over 17Mbps ADSL2.


Re: Moving to a new area with limited options

This forum is for three ireland, you would have to contact three uk for that query

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