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Mobile data - Very Slow and Non-existant Sometimes




I live in Dublin 7 and have an iPhone X. I've been with Three for over a year now and use prepay mobile data. I've been constantly having fluctuating speeds with multiple times the connection just completely disappearing. I get mixed opinions from colleagues who also use Three.

I have attempted multiple things such as messing around with restarts and network selection. Sometimes it works great, and other times it just absolute **bleep**. My battery life is perfectly stable and usually full.


I would like to know if Three has some sort of priority system that they use or just plain and simple throttling of speeds. If so, for what reasons or what times. 


Thank you for any advice!

Re: Mobile data - Very Slow and Non-existant Sometimes

No priority system no but they can limit it if you're using somuch  that it's affecting other customers. Although Ive seen mods advise thats never been enforced. Mobile data fluctuates it's just how it is really. more people using it the more it'll take a toll on your speeds but thats always been the way

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Mobile data - Very Slow and Non-existant Sometimes


I know with 4g it is all to do with how many people are connected to the mast.  for example I get 4mg download and 18 upload on my 4g broadband because there is no other broadband provider in my very rural area and everyone uses it.  I recently switched back to 3g and was getting 20mb download and 4mb upload.  massive improvement as no one was using it.  This was set up by an external provider and is not a signal boaster just an aerial that connects direct into my modem.  I get no signal inside my house but have great signal outside of the 4 walls.  Thumbs up to the insulator of the house


However, from Friday to Saturday my 3g has now gone down to a max of 3mg download and barely any upload while 4g has remained exactly the same. 


This can't be down to the amount of people using 3g in my area unless my area has doubled population overnight and all are using 3g Smiley Happy   three won't fix it as the mast is working fine "apparently".  No settings were changed on the modem.  I just went to bed and next morning their was serious decrease in signal and speed only on 3g.  Signal was 4 out of 5 bars and now is 1 to 2 bars and sometimes no bars.  4g signal has remained the same, 4 out of 5 bars.  With 3 other people using the broadband 4mg download doesn't cut it


What can cause this issue?  Is it a mast issue or do you think someone in my area maybe using a signal boaster that is hogging the signal?

Re: Mobile data - Very Slow and Non-existant Sometimes

3 Community Manager

@Johnybeag and @Teddy556  Hi there, I'm one of the Mods here. I'm happy to look into both of your coverage on an individual level. Just send me a PM with your number, full name, address and date of birth. As @Mac_n_cheese  mentioned here, mobile data can fluctuate depending on external factors which are out of our control. 


Re: Mobile data - Very Slow and Non-existant Sometimes


@Johnybeag @Teddy556 
Indeed... Internet Service provided by Three is just terrible from quite some time. On the evenings internet is unusable. Speeds between 1-2 Mbps was OK in 2001, not today. Sometimes it's quicker to drive to friends and download something over their broadband xD

Re: Mobile data - Very Slow and Non-existant Sometimes

Down here in Somerset I am now getting 0.89mbps on 4g+ and you can't receive a phone call or text. 4g super voice is pointless as 4g is too slow. So three seems to be a total waste of time and money. I live in Taunton not out in the countryside.

I will move the whole of my family to a proper network and pay off the remains of the three contract as this company is so bad I am willing to lose money just to get away from them.

Re: Mobile data - Very Slow and Non-existant Sometimes

This forum is for three ireland, for three uk issues best to contact three uk


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