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Mobile Broadband LOW Speed




just received and set up the Huawei B525 Router.

It has maximum signal (4g+)

Nothing is connected to it.


The download speed is artificially reduced to 10-12mbps.


The same room, Mobile Boradband from EIR on Huawei B315, maximum signal (4g). Full equipment connected - mobile phones, tv etc.


The download speed is 22-25mbps.


I would like to receive a statement from the staff what is going on and why do You artificially reduce the internet speed?


I have signed up for an "Unlimited" Mobile Broadband and :

1. You limit the speed to 12mbps.

2. You limit to 750GB.


Non of above mean Unlimited in any language.


My Ask:

Dear staff, please take down the cap on my internet speed as nowhere in the offer You mention about those limits, this is violating of Comreg Regulations not to mention European Consumer rights (not to be misleaded by the Corporates)




Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed

3 Community Manager

@JBauer83 Hi there,


speeds can be impacted at times when more people are using the service and the evening time is a peak time for usage. In addtion to this, due to the nature of telecommunications, especially mobile broadband and data, mean that external factors and your location can impact coverage and speeds can vary. As much as we'd like to guarantee a consistent signal, unfortunately, we can't. We don’t cap your speeds. 


Your broadband plan has an allowance of 750GB for €30 a month, and you're not limited to that amount. You can use much more than that. But once you're outside of the allowance there is a charge per MB.


Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed


I can totally get that.

So do you agree that 4G+ is worst than EIR 4G at the same location with the same environment?


My connection dropped yesterday several times to the point I had to switch to EIR mobile to continue an online chat with one of Your employees.


The evening speeds when it was online and not dropped floated around 2-5mbps which is an abomination of a service.


What is planning to do to increase the level of service to the level to be usable by Your customers?


Yesterday on online chat I received info that the issues were temporary and You are doing some deep maintenance - can You enlighten me what was that planned maintenance?


Quote from chat:

Rishabh D: 

Hi Pawel, this is a known issue and To further improve the quality of your Three service, we are currently carrying out some scheduled system upgrades. We selected these hours in order to have the least possible disruption to our customers. Our technical team are working to restore full service as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused

Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed

3 Community Manager

@JBauer83 To look into any maintenance in the area and your overall coverage performance, I'll need your address and access to your account. Can you send me a PM with your full name, address( Eircode if handy) and your date of birth, along with your broadband number? 


Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed


Situation repeats.

8 pm and internet speed is down to 6mbps with connection drops.

Situation will get worse around 10pm ...yes it can be worse.


Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 20.29.38.png 


Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed

Three aren't doing anything to restrict your speed.
There are more users in your location using 3 as opposed to eir, as well as the issue that three have stated they are working on.
Thats why eir is giving you faster speed.


Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed

What you can do is to move your three router to a different location within your location as the three mast.
Higher is generally better and near a window if possible


Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed


Everything You said is true.


1. The Router is position perfectly now - off peak speeds reach 60mbps (never had that on EIR)


2. Number of users should not be mine concern - and from day 1 - service is crap because there are too many users - It is quite easy to resolve - the issue could be equipment on the mast - it is not handling the workload well - solution = change the equipment/upgrade), the second issue might be the bandwith of the connection to mast - too many users fill the connection pretty fast - solution = increase the connection bandwith.


Because of the drops of connection I could advise to look into first issue - equipment on the mast is going s**t because of the load of users communicating towards it - that why it can't handle them.


Real question is:

Does Three really want to do something about the current capacity problem or just stalling to not give a **bleep** to invest and waiting for the issue to resolve on it's own.

If Three really want to solve the issue, please provide me with any estimated time on solving the issue - both issues are in hands of Three,


If Three does not care to solve the issue I will cancel my service and return the equipment as I can't rely on bogus services as I occasionally work from home and have video meetings. For that I have still 12 days until i can cancel the contract without any financial consequences.


But i need a clear statement.


Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed

3 Community Manager

@JBauer83 There's not a lot we can do immediately when it comes to extra traffic during peak hours because it's one of those limitations in terms of mobile telecommunications. I've checked our updates and everything is up and running which is why I know it's not a fault with the mast.


You've tried everything we've asked you to and steps that have helped others are not helping you. Perhaps you can try one more thing? On other boards here you might see that other members experiencing the same as you switched to 3G in the evenings and those members have reported that this works well for them.


As a future based network, we continually expand our population coverage, however, there are no plans in the near future for the site you usually connect to. Due to the nature of mobile broadband (over-the-air-signal), your signal and speeds may vary especially in the evenings when there are a higher number of people using the network. This is an external factor that we have no control of. Do try 3G in the evenings and let me know how it goes. 


Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed


Dear Deborah,


I have tried everything, but Your poor quality service is unable to work properly. You cannot get water out of stone.


So it is not only weekdays evening that nothing works, it is also related to weekend mornings.


I can bet all performance tests on the mast equipment was performed during weekday working hours ... 8-18 ? Well no wonder it works well as there is no one using Your network at that time.


I am not asking about immediate actions I have "signed" 24 month agreement, and tbh I want to know if You acknowledge the fact that You serve extremely poor quality service to my location and will do something about it in near future - if not - I am canceling the service .


Please do not make me laugh about "it is nothing we can do" as there are many users during the peak... usually ppl use their service - and this is the moment you call it peak - it is usage - so if you cant serve your client - just admit it and I will be gone.


Only 10 day to cancel Your service.


Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 11.16.13.png


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