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Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed

Looking at this post the speeds you are getting are nearly double what im getting but still totally unusable. This "peak time" issue is bs why can vodafone give speeds between 16 and 25mbps during peak times?

If its known that the network cant cope with the demand then change the equipment so it can like other networks and stop baiting customers with a great 30 euro deal that isnt fit for purpose?

Re: Mobile Broadband LOW Speed


Man, you are complaining about 6mbs....? I got suddenly 0,5-0,6 mbs around 3 weeks ago.. Before I had your speed, which I could cope with.. now I can't even open a webpage.. done tons of troubleshooting, chat with 7-8 guys from customer service, made check mast, area coverage, sim changed.. nothing.. the answer for Three is "your are is fully operative".. and I got no service.. but that is just a detail.. I pay for nothing.. and not even half explanation why from one day to another the connection completely collapsed to unusable speed..

Totally disgusted..


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