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Mast issues - Poor Signal/Data in Manchester



Since Three have kicked off the 5G upgrades my connections barely usable.


The issues in my area have been going on at least since end of July.


I was informed by Three support that by 15th Sept the issue would go away.


It is now the 23rd and every day i check the Network status the day of update increments by a day.


When will the problem be fixed?  I cannot continue to lose signal and miss calls.


Mobile data is poor, i can at most get 5meg throughput for D/L if i'm lucky but most of the time it's 0.3 on 4G and even worse on 3G when that was offered as a suggestion by support.


I believe i've given Three enough time to resolve their issues and i've been patient throughout the process but there doesn't seem to be a clear path to resolution.


Does anyone have any ideas?




Re: Mast issues - Poor Signal/Data in Manchester


This forum is for Three Ireland users, you would need to contact Three UK for UK issues

Re: Mast issues - Poor Signal/Data in Manchester



Whats the link to the UK forums, I cannot seem to find it easily.


Unless it doesn't exist..?


I've already contacted support and every day the 'day to fix the issue' increments - same goes for the network status checker.

Re: Mast issues - Poor Signal/Data in Manchester

Doesn't exist. They don't have a community or forun
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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