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Internet service charges


This last week I recieved over a dozen messages informing me i have sent X amount on internet services.


I am on a 20 Euro a month package which tops up automatically and I have unlimited data.


This morning I spoke to customer service and they were unable to explain why I was getting these messages and I was told not to worry as the amount was coming off my balance.


This morning I had 82 Euro and now I have 59 Euro on my balance. How could I have spent 24 Euro when I haven't even used my phone except to contact 3 Mobile?   


Why is money coming off my balance when I haven't used the phone and Imhave unlimited data?

What happens when the balance gets to zero?

Do i get charges?

Why am I getting all these message alerts when I haven't previously?

Re: Internet service charges


I have just checked my balance and i have used 59 euros over Night.

How is this possible?

Why no contact and explanation from customer service?

I now have zero credit, what happens now?


Re: Internet service charges


Is the top-up occuring every 28 days?

1MB cost 1e afterwards, so it very easy to go through euros ,as app updates in the background would be 20+ MB and auto backups etc

Re: Internet service charges

My 3 shows what you were charged correctly so go by that but ya if you dont top up and plan runs out you're charged 1.01 per mb so €20 would be gone very quickly as would €60 and whatever you had in your credit

Re: Internet service charges

3 Community Manager

@Peacefrog let me check this for you. Send me a PM with your number, name, address and date of birth so I can follow up on it. I'll come back to you here and let you know the outcome. Thanks'


Re: Internet service charges

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Hello, I've been trying to find where to start a new thread in this community, but can't find it.

I'm having the issues described here. I bought last May 23th 20euro prepay unlimited internet and calls to Three numbers in Ireland for 28 days. I just got three messages saying I've spent 19 euros last June 11th.

How is this possible?, what does Unlimited stands for?.

I've checked in my account on three and it says I've used internet outside my allowance... what is my Allowance?

If it is a prepay, how I'm able to spend more that what I paid for?.

Re: Internet service charges

Oh those texts are annoying but should be ignored. They take a random date from when you were charged for something not in your plan during the time your plan was active. The amo9unt is not correct because you can't spend more than what you have i.e. top up by 20 so you have 20 in your balance and an active plan. Day 29 plan expires and you're charged €1.01 per mb so your 20 euro is gone within minutes probably. Key is to turn off your data when you plan is due to expire and top up and then turn on your data so you won't lose any credit. It's all you can eat so you have free data for 28 days basically and then are charged when it expires.

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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