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Huawei B525

Hi mods, I’m considering signing up for Mobile bb think of the 3 routers on offer the B525 has the best spec.. just one question does it have a usb adapted 3pin plug or just a normal 3 pin plug? (I’m thinking re taking it in the car on long journeys..)
Thanks in advance Ruth

Re: Huawei B525

Nice to see a familiar face! Smiley Wink
Thanks for that, yea an adapter is the way to go methinks

Re: Huawei B525

Thanks, I'm still knocking a around.
Let us know how you get on


Re: Huawei B525

I find it ironic that there's multiple securities on your device to prevent theft, but the ultimate bypass is basically shown to you on the lock screen: "Hold power button for 10 seconds to power off device."

We all know that's when a thief can steal your phone by simply plugging into a PC. There have been some apps which some said can prevent power off during the lock screen, however, especially for me, these do not work. Not even in root.

I'm posting this in hopes that we can find a workaround since it seems that the companies have not still implemented a fix for this issue, that we can stop this once and for all. If anyone has suggestions of apps that can do this (smart screen protector did not work and one other, one that you sign in to) let us all know.

We need a collaborative effort on this nonsense.

Re: Huawei B525

@Titusjames I'm not that worried about security, guess it depends on what you've stored on your phone, which nowadays seems to be everyone's lives. Maybe someone could come up with a self-destruct mechanism like inspector gadget style "this note will self-destruct in 30 seconds" circa 1986  Not the best idea but might be fun to watch and is kind of funny considering what happened with the Note 7 Smiley LOL


I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Huawei B525


I got an unlocked Huawei B525 from Hk with the 3pin adapter. 

God bless all the people!

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