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How Do I upgrade my internet speeds?

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any1 here know how I can upgrade my internet? I called my internet service provider multiple times this year asking if I can get better speeds in my area... I have 25 down and 5 up now for like 3 years, so I cant rly stream on twitch or I dont get the speeds I want., In april I called them and they said I will get better speeds "very soon" and its been like 6 months, I also get higher ping when other people use the internet and stuff so its kinda important for me, they said I cant get higher speeds unless the line to my house gets upgraded, I live in the west of Ireland and a lot of people around me have faster speeds than me like 150 down and 30 up , which would be perfect for me. can anyone help me?




Re: How Do I upgrade my internet speeds?

sorry @BushBond  You're complaining about 25 mbps down? Yeah I think you should just be happy with that for mobile broadband. 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: How Do I upgrade my internet speeds?


Those people getting 150Mbs download arent getting that from a mobile provider like three , they are getting it from a Broadband specific provider.

What you could do is move your router to a different location ( probably higher)  perhaps use and external aerial and then use something like a mesh network  (something like ) to make sure you have a good wifi signal all over your house


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