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Re: Home Broadband very poor

[ Edited ]

In fairness, this morning, after looking at where there is the official map of all mobile network towers (or masts), I discovered that the ones where on the opposite side of the house, not facing the sea, but toward the inside.

Therefore I unplug, moved and replug in the best location of the house the router, in direction of the mast, and this time results were much much different.

No more problems therefore. I am surprised how it changed, just moving the router 10-12 meters from one side to the other of the house. But whatever, this is the end of the journey.

Not super speed, but enough for our use. End of complaint

in fairness.JPG

Re: Home Broadband very poor

Well fair play to you for coming back to update. Just goes to show that sometimes the old move around trick works!
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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