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Re: Home Broadband very poor


Horribles narrowband performances during the day - Only good for Dracula.JPGHorrible narrowband performances during human hour


Re: Home Broadband very poor


Only after midnight, zombies can use this connection. But I'm not.

I WANT BACK MY MONEY and go to my mobile provider which gives me over 30 MBit.

**bleep** me and the day I thought to get this 750 GB offer!!!

Re: Home Broadband very poor


Now, here below, look at the sum of the Maximum signal, and minimum download performance.

Three, you are not honest with your customers. This is not a signal problem. It is a bandwidth unavailability problem.Maximum Signal - minimum performance.JPG

Re: Home Broadband very poor

Are you looking to get help or just to give it back? Might be  a problem with speeds in your area but ask the mods to check it out for you. Send them a PM with you broadband number and address. Nobody can promise speeds with mobile broadband unfortunately. 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Home Broadband very poor

[ Edited ]

In honesty, switching on 3G tonight it is working fast tonight, but I have to

Force 3G, force the MST that the device has to connect to.

And in this condition I have some download bandwidth, but this is not a 4G.

4G connectivity and 4G speed is what I subscribed for.


My phone and my wife phones with another player, are going in 4G at ove 30Mbit per second, without any problems. Sometimes at 25 Mbit.

But we have GB limitation, therefore I signed this contract to use internet without thinking at it anymore.  But it didn't work.

I can say in honesty that today after over 1 hour in the three shop yelling, I went to work and I tried it there and it worked much better, even just with the internal antenna.

So, it is confirmed, elseshere probably 3 works. But not in my home.

And I hate that in front of evidence, there is this delay in cancelling the contract.

I am the one who entered the 3 shop, willing to look at 3 mobile broadband offers.


Now, if after not even a week I am telling you that really didn't work, that I followed the troubleshooting with the websupport and no improvement.

Call 1913 (which I did today, and again tonight. Today they opened a ticket with technical department). Tonight I called at 19:40, and nobody answered anymore. On waiting list forever.

Now, I work hard the whole day, and not infrequently I get at home after 19:00.

This support model doesn't work for me. The service for which I signed is absolutely not working as expected. What is Three waiting more to understand that unfortunately they are not covering my home well in 4 G  and therefore it does not have any sense this contract ?

I read online that in such cases, they should authorise cancellation.

So, let's do it and put an end to this story. Thanks.




Re: Home Broadband very poor


I answered to moderators 3 times.

And I got mad when today I couldn't give this back as the "technical staff" has to check.

Why they didn't before ???

It is from last week, from the very first day I brought this home that I saw clearly there were issues, but today they refused to take it back, cause they still need to make verfications!

I am mad at for a reason. This is not the way to provide or support a service.

So now, the more I will have to wait, the more I will post anywhere, and not only here, my HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! And I SHOULD BINDED TO A 18 MONTH CONTRACT OF THIS TYPE ???

As long as I will have to wait for technical clarifications, I will still be mad!

I lost an hour of work today for this **bleep**, and I don't like it. 


Re: Home Broadband very poor

They probably have checks to do in the area. Every company is the same like this but yeah my 3G works better than 4G it's down to the type of product. Fixed broadband like with Eir or Satelite is probably what you are looking for. Mobile is all signal based wirelessly so a thick wall can end up blocking it. Best of luck with it.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

boughRe: Home Broadband very poor


If you purchased the package online then you have 14 days in which to return the item and break the contract.  If you purchased (or took delivery of an online order) in store then you don't have this option and are at the mercy of Three technical to confirm that the quality of the service is inadequate before you can return the modem & break the contract.

Re: boughRe: Home Broadband very poor


Unfortunately, the 2nd one, I discovered in fact yesterday morning in the shop that I cannot avail the 14 days policy because that applies only on the contract made online.

It is absurd. In fact I am patiently (but not too much) waiting that the technical team will confirm and so cancel the contract

Re: Home Broadband very poor

I think it has to be completely unuseable for that to happen.
I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

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