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Re: Home Broadband very poor

Are there settings specific to the Huawei b525 router that I can implement to improve speeds? I tried setting 4G and 3G always, neither work

Re: Home Broadband very poor

Also, I am getting okay upload speeds around 10mbps but download speeds of around 0.8mbps. Have tried it in several rooms and it's beside the window. perhaps there's a way of rectifying this with router settings or something else?

Re: Home Broadband very poor

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Thanks Nado. I'll need to look into this further for you. Can you PM your details to me? 👉 your number, name, address and date of birth? 

Re: Home Broadband very poor



I have the same problem. I am in Dun Laoghaire. Just signed the contract two days ago.

Last night I was so frustrated! Tonight almost ready to give this back soon within the

"cooling off" period.

This should be a broadband. broad means wide, not narrow.

A router worth 150 EU to have at dinner time half megabit and after dinner when and if I'm "lucky" maybe two megabit per second ??

And this is sold as LTE speed ? I had LTE before in UK and even here now on phone I have another carrier, but I was looking for a big amount of data per month, therefore I chose

But I am disappointed.

I really want to say, this is not a bad signal issue. It is a capacity issue.

I had 4 out of 5 bars yesterday, and then I moved tonight the AP near the window and reached 5/5 bar LTE.


Please observe as connectivity is fading under peak hours.


Below tests made yesterday evening and tonight in different times, when at home:

14/11 20:52 Down: 0,25 Up: 4,20  - 4 bar signal

15/11 06:35 Down: 11,8 Up: 11,5  - 4 bar signal

15/11 06:47 Down: 12,9 Up: 12,5  - 4 bar signal

15/11 18:46 Down: 0,49 Up: 2,63  - 4 bar signal  

15/11 20:24 Down: 1.46 Up: 6,09  - 5 bar signal, moved near window

15/11 20:29 Down: 1.65 Up: 7,00  - 5 bar signal, moved near window

15/11 00:24 Down: 4.91 Up: 12,3  - 5 bar signal, moved near window

15/11 00:49 Down: 6.13 Up: 14,2  - 5 bar signal, moved near window


Using the carrier (non Three) that I have in my mobile phone, same position, got 34.1 Mbit in Download and 18.9 in Upload.


Honestly I don't think it is a device issue.

Carrier should ensure/guarantee minimum level of service. And broadband nowadays can't be 1 Mbit/s. Neither 2 or three. You speak "broadband". Should be so.

Re: Home Broadband very poor

Seems to drop at the evening time, could be down to traffic in the area using 4G. Mobile broadband is very handy for lots of reasons which is why I have it but I feel the lag in the evening as well. Nothing can really be done about it bar building another mast nearby to route some traffic there but it's not fibre so you're counting on a wireless signal which can easily get blocked. Have you checked where you're mast actually is and the direction? you could find that out and then move your router to face that direction? 3G during the popular times? 

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Home Broadband very poor

3 Moderator

Hi @GiorgioD and welcome to 3Community! Can you PM your exact address and I'll check out the masts in the area? 

Re: Home Broadband very poor

Need to add that I found that at least in my area I found that mobile phone APN as reported here:,/?Command=New,Kb=ROIWebportal,Ts=ROIWeb,T=CaseDoc,v...)

is working better than the default one ( 3internet ) which the default profile provisioned in the device by .

Re: Home Broadband very poor

However yesterday evening I've got 0.05 Mbit Download. I am returning everything to the shop

Re: Home Broadband very poor

3 Moderator

I'd love to help you out here @GiorgioD and try to improve your speeds. Can you PM the details above asked by Deb so I can look into this further for you. 

Re: Home Broadband very poor


I wrote with PM to three three representatives.

I'm absolutely not happy.

If I bring in Cherriwood at work this, it is working well, but at home absolutely not.

Tonight again a poor Speedtest 7816055386


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