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DSL or Fiber Optic

Full disclosure: I posted this in another forum (the city in which I'm located), but it's a little dead there - and I thought I might get some more input here. Moderators, feel free to let me know if this is a no-no.

Anyway, I'm trying to decide between a) a very cheap monthly rate for DSL service (+/- 14 mb), or a more expensive fiber optic service (50 mb). I currently have DSL at my main address, and it's fine for what I need (surfing/shopping, work-related things, Netflix/YouTube/Spotify - no gaming), but a big sluggish in the evenings. But does anyone have any thoughts? Is DSL totally on the way out? Will everyone have fiber optic within the next couple of years?

Thanks in advance 

Re: DSL or Fiber Optic

3 Community Manager

@ParmaGomes Hello, at Three we provide mobile broadband, there are no plans to support optic fibre. But who knows what the future holds 😁 


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