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Cancelling my contract

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I would like to cancel my contract. The reason why: I do not have internet same service as it was at the beginning. In the last few weeks service went down for some reason. I mean internet speed became so bad. It was very good at first two weeks during a trial period. After that was ok for a few months. Now in recent 6-7 weeks, it is always a problem few times during the day (especially afternoon and evening) have very poor speed like 0.1-0.6 Mbps download or no internet at all. The router itself shows a good signal on it: 4 bars on 4g and five on 3g. I tried everything every time when speed goes down to improve it, like reset it restart, change 4g to 3g and so on. It happens again and again. It's very annoying when I do some work online or study ( I have to use Skype) and speed goes down from 10-25Mbps in the morning to 0.1-5Mbps in afternoon and evening. I wouldn't mind slower speed but at least stable. It is struggling as well and up and down and... I am just tired to wait back for better speed to continue my work or studies. I am not even talking about my family which wants to watch just a movie or their soap series without breaking up. I have to use my mobile phone as a router ( hotspot) instead and top up additional data with extra costs.

So where should I apply to cancel the contract?  



Re: Cancelling my contract

Yeah when the speed.drops like that it's not useable but some other people have found moving the modem and changing wifi channel really helps to give better speeds.

Have you tried that? Canceling the contract is not ideal because you still have to pay. The only way you can get out of that is if your not able to use your WiFi but from your post it's just in the evenings when more people are using the same thing as you.

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Re: Cancelling my contract


Yes, I tried. It seems the best way where it is now on the second-floor bedroom window. Like I said the signal itself is good, even improved. Usually, it always was three bars on the modem or two even one but still worked and better speed as it is now when it shows 4-5 bars? Well...And so why it was ok for 8 months like. Excluding some seldom struggling. Confused.....Smiley Happy)))

Re: Cancelling my contract

More people using the service the less speeds you're going to get would be my guess. Everyone's using 4g so I switch to 3G in the evening and speeds of 2, 3 and sometimes 5mbps with no issue streaming and using my laptop at the same time. 


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