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Can you fix your 4g speeds???


Sickened with the speeds in limerick city centre, 1mbps all day long.... And thats being going on for awhile now...


I red forum post about people in the same boat, 


So will you let us know what is happening? Do wr need to switch to another provider???


Why im paying money for a servise that i can barelly use???


Need answera now. 


Re: Can you fix your 4g speeds???


Hi carlope


Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I've checked Limerick City and all looks to be good there. I'll certainly check this out for you.


Can you tell me when you first noticed your speeds declining? Is it in one specific location or everywhere you go? 


Can you try enabling data roaming on your phone, then turning the phone off for 5 - 10 mins (or alternatively, put it in flight mode for 2 mins) to refresh your network connection? This can improve the speeds you get.


If that doesn't work for you, can you send me a PM with your number, name, address and DOB so that I can look into this further for you?





Re: Can you fix your 4g speeds???


I haven't been here for a while, things were good, what is happening now is Three are stretching their network so thin with € 20 PAYG sim card and € 30 750G, that created very high contention especially in the evening. 


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