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Can't keep a steady connection on my mobiles data when home.


Hi everyone, I live in the clonroche area in co.wexford , I am currently using the all you can eat data from my area the phone wont stay on a solid connection because it keeps changing from 4g to H+ then to H . 


Mostly it keeps switching from the H+ to H which keeps disconnecting me from the internet.


The phone stays on 4g when it is upstairs in a certain bedroom but i can't move the phone or it drops to H+ .  when i bring the phone downstairs to put it beside the xbox it usually stays connected to H+ but it will randomly disconnect a lot and then re connect its very frustrating Smiley Sad 


is there anyway i can keep a solid connection downstairs so it wont keep disconnecting?? thanks in advance !!


( I was thinking to maybe set the phone to 2g only for when its downstairs??? )


Re: Can't keep a steady connection on my mobiles data when h


Could be a faulty phone, or mast.

Send the mods a pm with your details and they can check is there any work been carrried out in the mast in your location


Re: Can't keep a steady connection on my mobiles data when h


Thanks for the help Smiley Happy


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