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Hi all, I hope someone will be able to help me. I have my contract broadband since March 2018 for 24 months however during this period there is constantly very bad coverage, special during weekend and eving. This is very frustrated. I would like to cancelled my contract but I don't know how. Please advise.

Re: Broadband

@capoo7 What have you tried to improve the signal? have a look at other topics here and there are some steps that have actually helped other customers. Even if someone says it didn't help, doesn't mean it won't help you because many of the steps have improved my situation.

Re: Broadband

3 Community Manager

@capoo7 , I'm wondering if you've looked at the other topics that @Michael_Mick mentioned above?  Here's a good article on our 3MadeEasy board, it has helped others  👉 Improve your Broadband Signal 

Re: Broadband

Thank you I will have a look on this article.

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