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Broadband is unusable


I started my broadband contract mid August last year and it was fine for first few months, since late December it has been unusable. 


I am out of the house from 7am to 6pm, and usually now when I get home I have 1mb or the other night i had nothing at all no connection I checked it the following morning still gone, I frequently have to restart the router just for the connection to come back because it just drops for no reason.


I'm using a Huawei B525s which is up to date and I have full 4G signal, 3G is no better. 


Any of the speedtests I've done have been over ethernet with no wifi devices connected. I am in Mornington and others also with Three broadband in my area are having the same issues. 


What can be done?


Re: Broadband is unusable

Where's Mornington, I think if you give a bit more on the address they can check to see if there's problems or not, although if it's happening since mid-December then probably not. Rachel mentioned disabling the 5ghz on that modem and testing, then disabling the 2.4gz and testing over here - Thats a bit techy so I think thats why there's a screenshot  if you've turned off 4G then you'll know how to log into the router.

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Broadband is unusable




I have the same problem. Fantastic speed to start with and for the last few weeks a serious drop off in speed. Less than 20% of what it was.


Yesterday I was told that that 11mb was "Very Good Speed" for 4G and they "Guaranteed" that the technical department would say that also. I had to push them to log the issue with the technical Department. 


Within about and hour I received a text message from "3 Care" which read


"We have reviewed your case and found that you're receiving an acceptable service as per the specifications."


for the record 


Current Downlod is 16.42mb and upload is 43.43mb.


There is a single PC connected with a network cable to the 4G Router which has full 4G signal...



Where has the fantastic speed I had before christmas gone?


I live in the same house, connect to the same mast with the same equipment at the same times...


What is the problem?










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