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Broadband Slower than Phone 4G connection





I’m currently with Three via phone and Three Bill Pay Broadband.


My question is basically about the download speeds, phone vs Broadband.


For example if I test the connections they could be as below.


4G Phone Connection with Three: 50Mbps

Three Broadband(Huawei B525): 20Mbps




More than 90% of the time when I test the speeds, the phone is always ahead in speed by a vast amount. The broadband is generally always slower...


I’m wondering if there’s any advice from anyone here about getting the speeds to match the phone speeds? The three broadband is good and reliable, no issues with the exception noticing the speed differences and I feel they should be better.


Re: Broadband Slower than Phone 4G connection


Hi Daniel 👋 There are a couple of things that would factor into this. As these devices pick up data wirelessly speed will always differ depending on the location it is used in. Your Huawei b525 is a stationary router also,  I would highly recommend trying it in different areas of the home and speed test it in order to find out the improvements in each area. As your mobile phone is always on the move you will always see a more dramatic increase and decrease in speeds. All devices that use data will give different speed readings depending on what hardware and software are being used also. If you like I can certainly help with changing some setting to your router to see if we can improve on this for you. Shane 😊


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