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Broadband Connection is Dying Intermittently


hi i am finding that my connection from the router to the internet is dying intermittently. It is working away fine and then suddenly speed goes to 0. then it comes back after a few mins or after i have turned off and on the router, this only a recent problem, its been no issue for months. 



Re: Broadband Connection is Dying Intermittently

What router/modem do you have? is it new or old and did you check to see if it needs to be updated? @Browne 

Re: Broadband Connection is Dying Intermittently

@Browne did it sort itsef out?

Re: Broadband Connection is Dying Intermittently


hi mick,


No its still happening, i have a huawei B525-B2DC and all the updates etc have been applied to it. I also took out the sim card and cleaned it. Not sure what else to do.

Re: Broadband Connection is Dying Intermittently

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3 Community Manager

@Browne Thats not ideal! Would you like me to take a look at your service and see if there is anything impacting in terms of the network? I can also go through a few steps that might help. Send me a PM with your broadband number, name, address and date of birth. I'll use that to investigate with the tech team. However, I can make a few suggestions here. Are you on the unlimited plan for €30 per month?


Suggestions: log into and try the 2.4ghz mode (disable 5 ghz) then test the speeds for 15 minutes by browsing or streaming (whatever you normally do)  if that isn't helping try the 5ghz option (disable 2.4ghz)

I have a screenshot of where these options from my own router (it's a little blurry but it'll help you to see where the options are) 




Let me know if that helps Smiley Happy



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