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Bill pay broadband speeds slow


We currently have 3 billpay broadband and despite claims of good 4g network coverage we nearly always have download speeds of less than 1mbps in the evenings, I live in the Manor West area of Tralee, I have contacted your online chat and reset router but there was no improvement of download speeds, then your rep advised us to ring 3 on1913 wich I did on February 4th and followed instructions but got no improvement so I rang 1913 again on February 8th and the rep said to cancell 4g and put router onto 3g and disable the 5g channel on the router which gave a little improvement during the day but we still have unusable download speeds in the evening less than 1 or 2.5 mbps, this has been happening since early December and if there is not an improvement I want 3 to release us from our contract as they are not supplying the service they claimed we would get when we signed up, I am currently 12 months into an 18 month contract and have no problem paying for a useable service but not a service this slow, It's been going on far too long to call it temporary so please improve the output in the area or free us from a contract that you are not honouring.

Re: Bill pay broadband speeds slow


@mb67 The 4g speeds are highly dependent on the number of users in your area so in the evening that can increase substantially then impacting your speeds on 4G. I have 3G set on mine for the evening and find my speeds to be fine. I can stream without issue. have you tried changing to that?

I am not a Three employee. I'm just a little helper Smiley Happy

Re: Bill pay broadband speeds slow


Hi thanks for your answer but I am constantly on 3g at the moment but speeds are regularly less than 1mbps in the evenings, I have tried everything at this stage even followed a tutorial from a 3 representitive, I have brought my modem to a different part of town and plugged it in and I was receiving speeds of 15mbps so I think the issue is in the area I'm i n tbh


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